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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my products?

Orders usually ship same day and can take 1-3 days depending on your location.  You will receive email updates when your order ships, as it tracks, and when it is delivered.

Can I pick up my order to save on shipping?

Yes.  You can pick up products at our office in Stephenville or from any authorized distributor.

Can I pick up my order at a show?

We do have Representatives at some events.  For a list of shows where product will be available, please contact our office.

Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time but we do have an authorized Representative in Canada.

How do I know what product would be best for my horse?

We have an On Staff Equine Nutritionist who can answer all of your product questions.  Please contact the office to reach him.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes we do.  Our return policy is on our website here

Do you offer auto shipping?

Yes we do.  There is a discount for using this service.

How can I edit my auto ship order?

You will receive emails prior to each shipment.  You can confirm, or adjust your shipment quickly and easily by email.

Some of the products look different, are they different?

Yes.  Our company went through a rebranding in 2023.  We have added new products and made changes to some of the existing line.  Please reach out to the office is you have specific product questions.

I don’t feed grain, will my horses still eat these supplements?

Our pelleted products can be fed without any grain.  Core Complete would be a perfect solution for you.

If I’m feeding a complete feed do I still need to supplement?

There are many products on the market that say they are complete but they are not.  Please reach out to our On Staff Nutritionist for advise on what might be missing from your horses diet.

What if my horses won’t eat it?

You can return the product for a full refund or exchange.

Can Core Balance be given with other supplements?

For best results, It is best to consult with our On Staff Nutritionist prior to mixing products.

Do you have samples available?

We do not at this time.

How does Core Balance ensure the quality of their products?

Core Balance products are only manufactured in facilities with certifications from AFIA (American Feed Ingredient Association.  To be accredited the manufacturer must meet standards set forth by the FDA.